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The core of the Monetary System is E-Board. This powerhouse application brings boardroom management to the E-age. It’s never been so easy to build and organize an electronic filing cabinet for your official records.  Store minutes, financials and reports in an electronic bank vault accessible only to your Board and designated staff members.


E-Boards built-in communications functionality ensures that information gets information to the people who need it faster, and at lower costs. Authorized users can send bulletins, schedule meetings and retrieve important files and documentation themselves, without assistance, postage or wait time.


Available networking functions let you extend E-Board’s utility to the Boardroom itself, and give you even more control over paper flow. Download material to your   laptop computers for complete portability. Link units together for dynamic, paperless presentations. Update information in real time across the table or across the state. It’s your call.

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E- BankForms is our brilliant document creation application that can have anyone creating on-line forms in minutes. Choose from a wide variety of formatting options. Add, delete, or change the layout of a questionnaire with a couple mouse clicks.  Designating recipients of the data you collect is as simple as adding an email address. Publish your forms on-line instantly, without resorting to special purpose software. Get the jump on your competition with instant notifications of on-line responses. E- BankForms can add whole new dimensions to your marketing, sales, mortgage processing and administrative operations.  



That dread audit or regulatory exam need not be such a drain on time for you and your staff.  A variant of the E-Board system, E-BankDocs permits you to selectively grant access to privileged information to lawyers, accountants, regulators and consultants as required. Just set up their user privileges and walk away.  E- BankDocs can help speed these reviews to completion, and keep these people out of your office as much as possible.



Employ-E-Room adapts the Monetary System’s capabilities to the needs of employee’s. Keep a comprehensive file of all your personnel forms on-line, and download or print hard copies on-demand and anywhere. Configure them for on-line completion and keep the information you get back safe from prying eyes. Store your policy statements in a place where employees can readily consult them, and managers can easily update them. Post employee directories and get rid of that hard copy phone book. Empoy-E-Room puts it all in reach.