Simple, Secure, Send and Share Solutions and Services



At last, your project managers can collaborate with teams, clients and business partners 24-7 from any place with an internet connection, and free of the need for expensive internal IT support. The Monetary System's applications combine functionality, flexibility and ease-of-use in one powerful package, pre-configured for use by Board members, clients, auditors, regulators and staff. The Monetary System lets you design, manage and share forms, files, documents, calendars, images and messages fast and simply. It enables you to distribute information with laser point precision, expedite approvals, and maintain records of the whole effort in the process.


Since E-Suite applications are internet-based, compatibility is assured. There's no software to install, and updates are automatic. Fire up this system in any browser, on any computer. No operating system restrictions here. Updates are automatic and non-disruptive. We handle everything remotely, so you don't have to.


The Monetary System desktop is clean and uncluttered. Everyone will appreciate our intuitive interface that practically eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming training. Administrators will find a system that lets them easily organize and display information just the way they want, change users and manage system privileges with near one-button ease. This system is password protected and fully-secure.


We've even extended the hands-off concept to technical support. Help is just a phone call, email or instant message away. If you encounter a stubborn problem, we take remote control of your computer, diagnose your problem, and get you quickly back to work.


In a word, secure document creation, sharing and collaboration have never been so SIMPLE. The Monetary System comes loaded with four pre-structured components, each uniquely tailored to the needs of your primary publics.


The Monetary System is a software development and consulting organization. Through a strategic alliance, the Monetary System links First Monetary Mutual Limited and Rex Wyon, Inc., addressing all aspects of risk management and computer-related exposures in technology and web application development.